Rejoice, I say Rejoice.


Rejoice for the Lord is good.Many a time do u have reason to be sad,worried,anguish in pain and the likes.But when you are told to rejoice, you will be like “really, I’ve got debt on my hand and you telling to rejoice?” Brethren , unthe presence of God there are treasures for evermore, like peace and joy.Also in His presence youbwill find fullness of joy.Joy is by far distinct from happiness. Happiness is as a result of your happenings.
Believers don’t wait for the natural to happen before they show their emotion,they walk by faith not by sight. So it means by faith they rejoice in the midst of their situation because,they have commited or better put surrender all to JESUS.That’s why they can rejoice and be glad for what has been done.
Also you depending on your current situation means that you are being ruled by this world,you rely on the world to act instead if relying on GOD the creator. Your “joy” can be stolen if its sparked off by the world….such is vanity. A true believers JOY is based on the CHRIST and HIS WORD.
……..rejoice and be glad,for the day of your salvation is COME.


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