His Word and Our corresponding Action.

KJV:And Moses took his wife and his sons, and set them upon an ass, and he returned to the land of Egypt: and Moses took the rod of God in his hand.
KJV:And the Lord said unto Moses, When thou goest to return into Egypt, see that thou do all those wonders before Pharaoh, which I have put in thine hand: but I will harden his heart, that he shall not let the people go.(Ex.4:20-21)
So this is what God did.
Moses took the rod of God and did all the wonders by virtue of God through the stick.When God shows you something ,you ought to carry it along else you can’t   walk through the door. His word is the real essence we ought to carry in our daily walk. Man shall live by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God,not just food.His Words are of much value than the food we eat. For by His Words we came into existence and also by His Word shall we walk out of this World of Sin.
When God speaks a word believe and act it out. Don’t look around to see if you are worth it. Just stay in His presence listening till He says go,then you go.That’s obedience and faith, beleiving and doing what God says.

God always goes and makes the path right so we can tread on without swaying,that’s why we ought to follow Him closely.The psalmist said “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”.God is with you,the good shepherd.


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