As humans one thing we usually run out of is patience. When we’re in the bus heading towards our destination and realise we are in a heated traffic jam,o boy,we just feel like the whole world is crushing down.We always in a hurry to get somewhere and do something. But wait a minute you would realise that, you actually overlook certain details in our rush.In our daily lives we want to get to the top so badly like its a competition. Listen dear, there is no competition, you have just illusionised the whole situation.You are the only you on earth no one van be like you.You are special,wonderfully and fearfully made.So stop the rush and walk along with God,He knows best.We ought to exercise patience when walking with God, He usually stops to better us for the journey. Your current situation is to only prepare you and not kill you.Narrow is the way that leads to life so when you are passing through tight corners with God,know that He is doing something no man has ever seen or thought of.He is GOD,the OMNISCIENT and OMNIPOTENT ONE who sits upon the Heavenly throne.Endure everything with patience and know that, they that wait upon the the Lord shall renew their strength and shall mount up on eagles wings and soar high.
Be blessed,keep calm God is working.😎


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