Rough Mountains

In life there are highs and lows.We cannot expect everything to be so smooth.If you realise every bit of your life is smooth there is something wrong.If you want to get to the top you have to walk through the valley then through the hills then to the mountain. Such a journey is very tiring and stressful but with Christ who gives us peace even in the face if the storm,we shall smile and lift up high our heads and face the journey head on.All you’ve got to do is commit all your ways into His hands and walk in faith as you listen to His leading.When climbing the mountain you would see rough and irregular edges that seem to put you off.Actually such edges are only springboards that aid us in getting higher.So don’t look at the number and size of the edge but rather focus on the prize.Christ gives strenghtbto all but just few look at Him to see this.Don’t ever stop or halt your journey because of doubt band run another….. But rather rethink and transform your mind with the WORD.The WORD has a transforing power which is activated when we read with diligence and faith with LOVE for God.True success comes after many ups and downs,for you to be in the school of wealth,you should have gone through the school failure.In life God doesn’t give promotions just like that in life….He ensures that we all go through something so we can handle the prize with care and in humility so we don’t praise ourselves but Him.God uses foolish things to glorify Himself. The devil thought he was killing Jesus but little did he know he was an instrument that contributed to God’s redemptive plan.See always know that as Romans 8:28 says all things work together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.Let’s believe and confess good so we see good things.Doubt your doubt and believe God.Be with the mentality that God is still saying something through this mountain.. Grace will be given so you climb over to reach the top…So don’t be wavering in doubt and dispair…


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